What does a Rolex and your dad have in common?

Father's Day is always a wonderful occasion for the Turley Jewelers staff and our entire family. This year is especially exciting for two big reasons.

Dr. Andrew Stewart's 79th birthday lands on Father's Day this year, making the 2014 calendar suitably poetic.  Words cannot begin to describe how incredible a man, father, and grandfather he is. We are so thankful every single day for the strength and love flowing within and beaming out the De Paula and Stewart family.

We are equally excited to share Sunday's celebration with one of our dearest Pinecrest customers. She entrusted Eddie to restore her late father's vintage Rolex watch as a surprise Father's Day gift for her husband.  We are privileged to be a part of honoring her dad's memory who shared our undeniable passion for collectable timepieces.

This special gift got us thinking about the many similarities between a dad and a Rolex. They are both strong, unmistakable from a distance, and always get the job done. We were inspired to write an article to honor fathers everywhere! Rolex watches and your old man share these 7 undeniable characteristics. Read the full article.