Celebrities - A Fine Jewelry Timeline.

Elizabeth Taylor will always be remembered for her glamorous and beautiful look. She has a fashion style like no other. From gorgeous pearls adorning her face to beautiful diamonds adorning her neck,  she knew how to make a fashion statement!

Ava Gardner was a woman with a glamorous fashion style that did not go unnoticed. Whether she chose to wear her best diamond earrings or her favorite Trifari necklace, she always looked spectacular. There are many of us who could pick up a few tips from Ava’s flare!

Joan Crawfard and Joan Collins are another two classic beauties that simply can’t be outdone. One must wonder how some women are naturally refined and beautiful at all times. Similar to  Cleopatra,  it seems to simply radiate from the soul.

Although not perhaps celebrities as we think of them today, let us not forget about royalty. The gorgeous jewels of the Duchess of Windsor and Princess Mary of Great Britain who was seldom seen without her jewelry adornments.

Now to more modern times, what about that beautiful engagement ring that Camela Parker Bowls was seen wearing? An outstanding piece of jewelry on a women that quite commonly presents herself in a very traditional refined style. 

Whether we are talking about Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Kate Winslet, Kate Hudson, or Katie Holmes, celebrities give us the opportunity to see fine jewelry designs in play. They instantly help develop a desire for a certain jewelry piece or look. Once these designer jewelry pieces grab hold, it isn’t long before someone is making a similar piece that you can afford.

So keep watching the stars for great jewelry to make your fashion statement!