Watch Repair & Custom Enhancements

We offer complete classic watch repair services at our Pinecrest Village store in Miami, Florida.

Onsite Repairs

All of our repair services are done strictly on our own premises. We make sure that your watch is safely protected from loss or theft. We will never send your timepiece to a third party.

Watch Repair Services

Complete Watch Restoration and Refurbishment

Custom Dial, Case, and Band Enhancement

Authorized Polar™ Heart Rate Monitor Service Center

Mechanical Watch De-magnetism

Pressure Testing

Mechanism Cleaning

Watch Bracelet Sizing & Repair

Watch Band Replacement

Water Resistance Maintenance

Case and Bracelet Polishing

Battery Replacement

Complete Restoration & Refurbishment

 From the delicate interior movements, to the exterior case and bracelet, your watch will be meticulously refurbished for optimum appearance and accurate functionality. The results will be a timepiece that is as close to "Like New” condition as possible. It will be like getting a brand new watch!

Thorough Watch Inspection

Our refurbishing process includes a complete watch overhaul. We start by completely dismantling your watch, so we can thoroughly inspect all its components, both internally and externally.

Parts Replacement

Our refurbishment service includes replacement of all parts that commonly experience wear, such as gaskets, seals, springs, and scratched crystals.  We will also repair or replace any other components that show up in our inspection as needing attention.

Advanced Testing Technology

Once the watch has been reassembled, we conduct a series of sophisticated tests to verify that each function of the watch is performing at optimum level. Our testing equipment utilizes advanced technology to ensure that our test results are accurate.

Finishing Touches

Finally, we polish your watch case and metal bracelet to restore its previous luster. We replace worn leather bands. When you pick up your watch, you will be amazed!

Amazing!!! They took care of my uncle’s watch. It looks brand new. My uncle was beaming with pride sporting his restored Omega. Thank you for everything.
— Enrique Bassas

Authorized Polar™ Watch Service Center

We are the exclusive factory authorized Polar™ Heart Rate Monitor Watch Service Center for the entire Southeastern United States. Our watchmakers have completed the rigorous Polar™ training program and are Polar™ certified. Visit for more information.

I recently needed my Polar watch fixed and I found this jewelry store online. Not only did they fix my watch they were extremely polite, helpful, and provided amazing service. I highly recommend this jeweler.
— Laura Fothergill
Authorized Polar™ Heart Rate Monitor Watch Service Center

Authorized Polar™ Heart Rate Monitor Watch Service Center

Custom Designed Watch Enhancements

Our skilled watchmaker/jewelers can create beautiful, custom enhancements for your favorite timepiece.  The options are limitless! Want to make a bolder statement with your watch? Let us customize your piece by adding diamonds and other precious gems.

As with all of our jewelry, we use only the finest quality materials for our watch accessories. Tell us what you would like, and we will customize your timepiece exactly as you wish. 

We Buy Watches!

We are buy gently pre-owned and vintage luxury brand watches. We offer competitive pricing.  We can work with you either online or in our store in Pinecrest Village, Miami, Florida.


Do you have further questions about our watch repair and restoration services? Are you interested in purchasing or selling a vintage or previously owned luxury timepiece? We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Just stop by our store located at 11219 South Dixie Highway, Pinecrest Village, Miami, Florida, email us at Info@Turley, or give us a call at (305) 252-1123.  Our watch experts will be happy to assist you.