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Your watch is a reflection of your personality. Wearing a luxury brand watch makes a distinctive statement. It shows your appreciation of fine quality and style. When you decide you are ready to buy a luxury watch, consider the many benefits of purchasing a previously owned timepiece. Here are 5 great reasons to buy a pre-owned luxury brand watch.


Buying a pre-owned luxury brand watch can be an affordable way to own an exceptional timepiece. Because of their favorable pricing, pre-owned watches can make it possible to buy more than one brand of watch or several styles within a brand.


Searching for the right watch is a fascinating experience. As you research the pre-owned market, you can learn about each brand’s special heritage and hallmarks. You will come to recognize the characteristics, features, and functions that identify a specific manufacturer. You may even discover the inspiration behind their designs.


Typical retailers usually carry only the latest models from a few manufacturers. Your selection is limited to their current inventory. The pre-owned watch market, however, provides access to a wide variety of the finest luxury brands and their styles from all time periods. You can choose from newer styles, limited editions, or vintage models. You can find even find styles that are no longer being manufactured.


Just as with a new car, the greatest depreciation of a luxury brand watch occurs when it is first purchased. The original owner absorbs this major loss. Pre-owned watches are not subject to this dramatic change in value.


There are opportunities to purchase pre-owned watches that have a good possibility of increasing in value. By checking the sales history of specific brands and models, you can anticipate which watches are likely to maintain or increase in value over time. By choosing wisely, you can purchase a true investment piece.

These are a few of the many benefits of buying a timepiece from the the pre-owned market. Luxury watch brands cannot be surpassed for quality and enduring style. With proper care, these watches can last for generations. A fine quality pre-owned watch can give you years of pleasure.  

Our Pre-owned Watches

At Turley Jewelers, we select only the finest pre-owned watches to offer our customers. We thoroughly examine each timepiece for movements that have parts from the original manufacturer. Every watch is carefully refurbished, checked for accuracy, and brought as close as possible to “like-new” condition. We often carry hard-to-find models that are not readily available through other sources.

You will have the opportunity to hold our watches and inspect them personally. Your total satisfaction is our goal, and we are proud of our reputation for great customer service, quality products, and great prices.

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