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After so much time living in sweats and navigating Zoom meetings, we are finally back to wearing real clothes and jewelry! The message from leading fashion runways and entertainment shows is that Over-the-Top is Back-in-Style! Big, Bold, and Colorful jewelry is hot! Size matters, and bright crayon colors rule! Think chunky gold chains, supersized cocktail rings, maximized layering, major statement earrings, and super cool motifs. Minimalist and dainty jewelry are still au courant, but only when updated by including at least one powerful statement piece. Here are seven of the hottest jewelry trends for Fall/Spring 2022/23.


 Use colorful gemstone jewels for a vibrant visual impact. Choose a special jewel that showcases a single, stunning gemstone or wear a design featuring a constellation of colorful, sparkling gems. As long as your jewelry statement conveys COLOR, you’re good!


The stackable/layering jewelry trend just keeps getting stronger! To refresh the look, include some larger scale pieces. What is better than a pretty bangle bracelet? A whole stack of them!  Add stack bracelets with your watch. Include chains of various sizes and link styles to your necklace layering selection and then add an oversized pendant or a choker necklace. Stack multiple rings on one finger or on several. Mix metals, materials, colors, and shapes. For more ideas on stacking, check out our article The Art Of Ring Stacking.


The biggest trend in jewelry is wearing bold, oversized statement pieces. More is Better, and sexy statement jewels are a must.


Chains are totally IN, and the bigger, the better. You will want to include at least one chunky chain to wear alone or layered with chains of other sizes and pendants. Check out some of the newest link designs like paper clip or barbed wire links.


From chandelier earrings to door-knockers to hoops, statement earrings are essential. Fringy earrings, floral motifs, bolder hoops, and large gemstone pieces are de rigueur for the woman who wants to stay on trend.


Pendants of all sizes are one of the fastest growing jewelry trends. Include them with your necklace layering. Add one large pendant or several smaller sized pieces. Choose lockets, jeweled drop pendants, or designs featuring your favorite motifs.


Hot motif trends include hearts, florals, lock and key, good luck charms, celestial designs, bees, rainbows, logos, and even body parts like mouths and ears!

The addition of a few key pieces will dramatically refresh your jewelry wardrobe and give you lots of fabulous new right-on-trend jewelry options. Enjoy!