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Restyle Your Outdated Jewelry

The heirloom pieces in your jewelry collection can be the most personal and expressive jewelry you own. Each piece  carries special meaning. There are times, however, when the original design does not reflect your current tastes.

Whether it is your outdated wedding ring or a brooch inherited from dear Aunt Martha, a Master Jeweler can transform a piece left languishing in your jewelry box into something you will wear every day. Here are 5 ways to restyle your outdated jewelry.

  1. Adding gemstones. The addition of diamonds or colored gemstones can turn an old-fashioned jewelry style into a contemporary and chic design.
  2. Change the form.  Earrings can be made into pendants, brooches transformed into necklaces, and the gemstones from your outdated rings can be incorporated into the new design for a bold, contemporary bracelet.
  3. Change the primary metal. There are many modern materials used in current, fashion-forward designs such as ceramic, wood, enamel, and titanium. The original materials from your heirloom can be incorporated into the new design, or the metal can be sold and its value applied toward the cost of the recreation.
  4. Create more than one piece.  A pair of earrings can become two pendants and given as meaningful gifts to your children, grandchildren, or others.
  5. Have an original design created. Our Master Jeweler can create a one-of-a kind jewelry beauty that is perfect for your current tastes and lifestyle.

With more than twenty-five years of experience, Turley’s lead Master Jeweler, Eddie DePaula, has established an exceptional reputation for his jewelry design artistry. His exceptional eye for design and superior craftsmanship have made him a favorite among international fashionistas, as well as with local Miami jewelry lovers. 

Contact Turley Jewelers today and learn about all the ways to turn your not-so-special piece of jewelry into something that excites your passion. 

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