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 The Art of Ring Stacking

The last two years have provided too few opportunities to really show off our personal fashion style. As we return to more in-person events, women are excited about expressing ourselves with jewelry, and jewelry stacking is all about self-expression! Stacking is a fun, creative, and practical way to create a variety of customized looks to perfectly accessorize our favorite outfits. Ring stacking is also a great way to create a unique jewelry “signature” style. Did you know with just 4 rings, you can create 14* different looks! Let’s get started!

Ring Stacking Basics

Invest in Quality

When developing your stacking ring collection, invest in quality. You will wear your stack ring collection over and over in lots of fun combinations, so need to select high quality, fine jewelry that has been crafted to last. Jeweled rings should have gemstones of good color and cut. Each ring should be a stand-alone beauty, as well as gorgeous in combination with others.

Choose Your Primary Metal

Start with three or four rings that are made from the same precious metal – usually 14K or 18K gold. Choose the color of gold that is most flattering to your skin tone and which works with the predominant colors in your wardrobe. If you wear mainly cool colors, go with white gold or sterling silver. If you tend to wear warmer hues, choose yellow gold or rose gold. Your stack can include delicate rings, bold rings, and rings with interesting texture or special details.

What’s Your Stack Size

If you have small hands or have a subtle personal style statement, a stack of delicate bands with different textures and intricate details will look elegant and richly ornate. For a bolder ring stack style, use wider metal bands or chunkier rings. Your stack can be made of up solely of big, bold, and beautiful rings, or for a more complex visual, add in some smaller sized rings.  You can keep your stack narrow by using only delicate bands or use more rings and/or wider rings to layer your stack until it almost reaches your knuckle. The wider the stack, the more dramatic the presentation. Move the placement of the bands around until you get the look you like.

Creative Ring Stacking!

Once you know the ring stacking basic, now it’s time to get creative! Experiment with various metals, band widths, gemstone or enamel colors, and shapes. Stack your rings in various combinations to see which layout is most pleasing to you. You can opt for a sleek, more uniform appearance, or mix things up for a Boho Chic sensibility. Add in your favorite vintage pieces or special occasion rings. Go for a subtle look for a job interview, or go bold with lots of pizzazz for a party! It’s up to you! Here are some fun ideas for you to try.

Mix Your Metals

For a fashion forward look, add mixed metals to your basic stack. Combine rose gold with white gold, or yellow gold with rose gold, or all three colors together. You can use the same proportion of each color of metal, or have one wider metal band as the dominate color with slender accent bands in a different metal.

Add Color and Sparkle!

Colorful gemstones, bright enamel bands, and sparkling diamonds add drama and punch. Add a pop of color to your ring stack by including one fabulous gemstone ring or one or more gemstone eternity bands. As your stack ring collection grows, you will love all the options.

Go Monochromatic!

Achieve an elegant visual by adding only one color of gemstone or enamel band. You can also use gemstones of the same color but in different cuts. Try combinations of round, baguette, emerald cut, pear shape, or pavé for a stunning presentation. Make sure your mountings are all the same metal.

Use All Warm or Cool Colors.

Warm tones are orange, yellow, yellow-greens, reds, and orange-reds. Mix different warm-toned gems set in yellow or rose gold with citrine, ruby, peridot, or yellow sapphire. Cool colors include blue, green, and purple. Pair cool colored gems set in white gold with blue sapphire or aquamarine with diamonds, emeralds, or pearls. Keep in mind, that there are warm colored purples and greens, as well as cool colored reds, so look for the combinations that look most harmonious.

Festive Color Mixing!

For a gorgeous, eye-catching statement stack, mix a variety of vibrant gemstone colors. You can stack a rainbow of colors that go from warm to cool tones, or just mix them up. Consider using different gemstone sizes and cuts for a creative look, or use gems that are all the same cut and size for a more polished appearance.

Adventurous Options

Jewelry is now available in a variety of nontraditional materials. Look for bands made with ceramic, enamel, black and green colored gold, colored patina, resin, wood, stainless steel, brass, and copper for some creative options. Add rings featuring encapsulated flowers, Bohemian glass beads, raw crystals, and black or brown diamond pavé.

Now you have everything you need to know to become a Ring Stacking Master! Rock On!

*Here is how to get 14 looks with just four rings!

Rings A, B, C, and D

Worn separately: A, B, C, D = 4

In Pairs: AB, AC, AD, BC, BD, CD = 6

In Triplets: ABC, ABD, BCD = 3

All together: ABCD = 1