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Luxury Wedding Bands for Men


Luxury Wedding Bands for Men

When people think of wedding rings for men, they usually imagine a traditional, shiny gold band. As styles have changed for women’s engagement and wedding rings, however, so have men’s wedding ring options and choices. The development of new materials and the interest of creative designers have resulted in luxury wedding bands perfect for the modern groom. Now there are cutting-edge wedding jewelry designs, as well as traditional styles for men’s wedding jewelry.

Traditional Materials

Men’s wedding bands have traditionally been made of platinum, 14 kt. or 18 kt. white or yellow gold, or sterling silver. This classic style band is still favored by many men. They are available everywhere and are a suitable option for price-conscious shoppers.

New Materials

The new luxury wedding rings for men look stylish and suit black tie to casual events. New materials with their own special properties offer exciting new design possibilities. Here are a few of the new materials.


Titanium is a popular choice because it is incredibly strong, yet amazingly lightweight, making it very comfortable. It has a clean, gray matte color. Titanium is often combined with platinum or white gold, as well as set with white diamonds.

Tungsten Carbide 

This is an  extremely durable metal which resists scratches, but it is also brittle. Instead of bending under severe pressure, it will break. This quality makes it safer for men who work with heavy equipment or heavy items.

Colored Gold

Colored gold comes in a rainbow of shades. Green, gray, blue, red, and purple gold are perfect for the truly unique ring style. Rings can be created using one or more of the gold colors. These are rare because some colors of gold can be fragile. 

Chrome Cobalt

This metal has the bright, shiny white color of rhodium-plated white gold. It is lighter in weight than platinum and is highly scratch resistant, even under the most extreme conditions. Because there is no nickel in its alloy, it is hypoallergenic.


Wood wedding bands are often made using a variety of colored hardwoods. They can be plain wood taking advantage of an attractive grain, have colorful inlays,  be carved into braided patterns, as well as set with colored gemstones or diamonds. They are a great option for people with metal allergies.


Ceramics, a product of the space industry, offers a lightweight, exceedingly tough, scratch resistant, and durable surface.  They retain their polish forever. Available in many colors, the preferred choice is usually white or black. 

Black Wedding Bands

Black wedding bands are increasing in popularity. Black has long been a symbol of strength and power.  For many, black is a symbol of eternal commitment and a statement that only death can separate the couple. Black has long been a symbol of strength and power.  For many, black is a symbol of eternal commitment and a statement that only death can separate the couple.

Although black bands are seen as a recent style, they actually have their origins in ancient Greece. At that time, ring makers used black quartz and onyx to carve men’s wedding rings.


Bands made from metals, usually in white or yellow gold, can be created in different finishes. These finishes can be highly polished for a bright and shiny, have a soft satin look, or with a non-reflective a matte finish.


There are many textures to choose from for men’s wedding bands. There are shiny, faceted textures made with a small ball-peen hammer, brushed surfaces, which look like light paint brush marks, and carved Celtic symbols.

Other textures include beveled edges, crosses, swirl patterns, incorporating different metals into a design, abstract creations, mixing textures, bevel-set diamonds or colored gemstones, and milgrain edges. Rings can also be engraved inside the band or outside with a truly personal message.

Custom Design

If you prefer a custom one-of-a-kind design that is truly an individual design, Turley’s master jeweler and designer, Eddie DePaula will work with you to craft an unforgettable piece, as unique as you and your marriage.

New Times, New Symbols

These are just a sampling of the exciting new options available for the husband-to-be when selecting his wedding ring. Today’s luxury wedding bands allow men to truly personalize their messages of love and devotion. With modern materials and design, men’s wedding rings can include the new symbols of love meaningful in contemporary culture.

Turley Jewelers Luxury Wedding Bands

Turley Jeweler’s carries a complete line of these men’s luxury wedding bands. We carry only the finest quality bands and an exceptional range of designs. Call or visit us today at 11219 South Dixie Highway, Miami, FL 33156 or phone us at (305) 252-1123. We look forward to serving you.

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