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Finding The Perfect Wedding Ring

After the excitement of becoming engaged, the next big thrill for the soon-to-be-married couple is finding the perfect wedding ring. The wedding ring is a symbol of enduring love and mutual commitment, and it is the most meaningful jewelry a woman and man will ever wear. Often it is the only piece of jewelry worn by a man.

One’s wedding ring needs to reflect the personality of the wearer and have a timeless style to be worn for decades. Fortunately, there are as many wedding ring designs as there are individual tastes – from clean, classic bands to highly ornate, jeweled mountings.


Wedding bands and mountings are available in a variety of precious metals and newer contemporary materials. Precious metals include platinum, 14k and 18k white, yellow, or rose (pink) gold, and sterling silver. 24K gold is too soft for daily use. Designs can include precious gemstones in a variety of colors. More than one color of metal can be used (such as white and yellow gold) to harmonize with other jewelry. 

For the fashion forward customer, wedding bands are being designed with using non-traditional materials such as titanium, tungsten, ceramic, cobalt chrome, and even wood. They are frequently set with diamonds or other gemstones. Several materials can be used together to create unique designs and patterns.

Finishes (Textures and Polish)

Wedding bands and gemstone mountings come in a variety of finishes – textures and types of polish. These finishes can be highly polished (shiny), matte (non-reflective), satin (a soft sheen), hammered finishes that are shiny or matte (made by using a small ball-peen hammer to create a textured surface), and brushed (a texture which looks like light brush marks).

Wedding Bands

The classic wedding band is the most popular wedding jewelry for men. Most women who wear a band pair it with an engagement ring. Wedding bands offer a good price option for those on a budget. With their low surface profile, bands do not catch on fabrics and are a good choice for active people.


Mountings (also called semi-mounts) are designed to be set with gemstones. The most popular mounting is the classic “Tiffany” setting. It is a slender band set with a solitary prong-set diamond. Antique style rings with delicate filigree are delicate and feminine. For the woman who prefers contemporary styles, there are designs with bold, dynamic forms. Custom rings are one-of-a-kind creations either designed by the jeweler or as a collaboration with the buyer.

Side gems are often used to “showcase” the center stone. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are the most popular accent gems, although other non-precious gemstones can be used also. Sapphires are desirable because they are almost as hard and durable as diamonds. Emeralds are the softest of precious gemstones and require special care.

There are many ways that gems can be held in place. Options include

·      Traditional 4 or 6 prong setting

·      Bezel set gems where the metal flows over the top edges of the gems

·      Paved settings using many very small diamonds intricately set closely together where none of the band metal shows.

·      Channel set with diamonds mounted beside each other in rows (channels.)

·      Tension-set gems are held in place between two open metal ends. This setting gives the appearance of the diamond or other gem floating in space.

Diamond Cuts (Shapes)

Diamond quality is based on the Four C s – color, cut, clarity, and carat weight, but the first thing most people decide on is the cut (shape) of the diamond they want.

·      Round Brilliant cut – This is the favorite diamond cut. The facets are cut for maximum light reflection and beauty.

·      Marquise cut – an elongated oval shape, coming to a point at each end. The cut can make the finger look longer.

·      Oval shape – considered an elegant, old-fashioned cut. This cut can be set lengthwise or sideways.

·      Emerald cut – the most elegant of all diamond cuts. This is a rectangular shape and with fewer facets. This cut provides a view to the very bottom of the stone and requires a diamond with excellent clarity. Some say it is like looking into a clear spring of water.

·      Asscher cut – similar faceting to the emerald cut, but square shaped.

·      Princess cut – this is the second most popular shape. It comes in rectangular or square shapes. Its uniquely faceted cut brilliantly reflects light and has exceptional “sparkle.”

·      Pear shape – Because of its versatility in setting options, this tear shaped cut is very popular. This cut can helps to lengthen the appearance of the ring finger.

·      Heart shape – the heart-shaped diamond is a beautiful symbol of romance and passion.

·      Triangle shape – Used in contemporary designs as the center gem or side diamonds.

Custom Designs

We create custom designed rings that are the most personal expression and symbol of your deepest devotion. Working closely with you, our master designer will make sure that we design the perfect wedding ring that you will cherish for a lifetime – one that is uniquely yours.

When it is time to select the perfect wedding ring, there are an array of choices guaranteed to please the most individual tastes of the bride and groom. Turley Jewelers carries an extensive collection of both traditional and fashion-forward contemporary bands, mountings, and loose diamonds. 

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