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The Moulin Rouge “Satine” Necklace

Nicole Kidman on the set of Moulin Rouge.

This truly stunning diamond necklace is one of the most expensive jewelry items ever created for the film industry. Named “Satine” after actress Nicole Kidman’s gentle, romantic character in the movie, the necklace was personified by the crew on the set and referred to as “she” because Nicole would ask “is she here?”

Handcrafted in 18K white gold and set with 1308 dazzling diamonds totaling 134 carats

The designer, Stefano Canturi, spent weeks researching the opulent and eclectic jewelry of late 1800s in his effort to fully capture the extravagance of that period. He found his greatest inspiration from the Louis XVI l open lacework motif.

The design drawing by Stefano Canturi.

This glamorous piece was handcrafted in 18K white gold and set with 1308 dazzling diamonds totaling 134 carats. The largest single gem was a dramatic 5-carat emerald cut diamond. The clasp was beautifully accented with a 2.5-carat cabochon-cut Sri Lankan blue sapphire. The piece is valued at $1 million.

The necklace took three months of regular fittings in order to create an exact match to the shape and contour of Nicole Kidman’s neck and décolletage.

Nicole Kidman as Satine in the movie Moulin Rouge.

Because of its great value, a costume jewelry double was made with silver and crystals and with a magnetic clasp for the intense scene when the necklace is violently torn from Ms. Kidman’s neck.

Moulin Rouge won an Academy Award for Best Costume Design.