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What to do with your outdated, unloved, and unworn jewelry!

Many people are embracing the idea of pairing down and simplifying our lives. While our clothes closets are usually at the top of the “clean out and declutter” list, you should add your jewelry to that list as well! Your goal should be a jewelry wardrobe of designs you love of the highest quality you can afford. Here is an added bonus! Your discards can make you money! Your purged items of precious metals, diamonds, gemstones, or luxury watches can put cash in your pocket or help you to purchase that special jewel you have dreamed about!

Gather all your jewelry in one place where you can spread out all the items.

Perhaps you have earrings without mates. Has your personal style changed? That delicate heart shaped ring may have been a favorite in your younger days, but what if your current style is more sophisticated? Do you have rings that no longer fit? Are they missing gems? Do you have bangle bracelets that no longer slide easily over your knuckles?

Do you have petite earrings that are hidden with your current hairstyle? Do you have items with missing gemstones or broken prongs? Have you stopped wearing your old pearl earrings because you have acquired a pair with a more contemporary design that love and wear all the time. Do you have lots of hoop earrings that look pretty much look all the same? Has your first pair of tiny diamond studs been replaced by a pair set with larger diamonds? Do you have gold pieces that are badly scratched or damaged? Do you have pieces that were given to you that really do not suit your tastes? Do you have items that you are keeping for sentimental reasons long after the sentiment is gone?

With each item, ask yourself this, “If I went shopping tomorrow, would I buy this again?”

If your answer is “no”, you need to edit it out of your jewelry wardrobe. If you have items that you love, but which need repair, sort them together into a pile. If you have pieces that you want to keep for sentimental reasons, but you don’t like their style, put those in a separate pile. Finally, put the jewelry that you rarely or never wear, and set them aside in their own pile.

Now that you have figured out what you love and what you don’t, what do you do?

Repair, Restyle, Replace!

At Turley Jewelers, we make it easy! We can repair the pieces you love, restyle the outdated pieces you want to keep, and pay you top dollar for the fine jewelry, precious metals, gemstones, diamonds, and luxury watches you no longer want!

We offer complete onsite fine jewelry and luxury watch repair services. Our talented designers can transform your outdated jewelry into a unique design you will love! We will may an offer asap for the items you wish to sell. If you accept, you will be paid immediately. No waiting! And if you are looking for a special piece to add to your collection, you will love our exceptional selection of beautiful jewelry, as well as our Interest Free financing options.

Contact us today! Let us help you create the perfect jewelry wardrobe and add some cash to your wallet.