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The Value of Trust

Before you shop for your jewelry or watch purchase, it is important to find the right jeweler. Whether your intention is to buy a special gift for someone you love, to reward yourself, or to select the perfect ring for your engagement, you need to know that your jeweler is someone you can trust. So how do you find the right jeweler? Here are five things to look that are signs of a reliable, trustworthy jeweler.



It starts with a company’s reputation. Talk to your friends. Ask for their recommendations. Read the company’s reviews on online review sites. See how the company is rated with the Better Business Bureau. Check out a business’s social media posts. Are the posts interesting and relevant?



You want to trust that you are paying a reasonable price for the items you want to purchase. You need to feel assured that the products being offered are being honestly represented. Is their merchandise made of the finest materials and with the highest quality of workmanship? For custom work, ask for examples that show their design talents. You need also need to know that your items needing repairs will be kept safe and secure.


Your Shopping Experience

Find a store where you do not feel pressured to buy. You want a jeweler who is not focused on a quick sale, but who wants to develop an ongoing customer relationship. Your interaction should be personalized based on your particular needs. 

You deserve the ultimate shopping experience. Are you being welcomed and pampered throughout your visit? You should expect excellent customer service. Each member of the staff should demonstrate that they are dedicated to giving you the highest quality of service.


Commitment to Quality

Your jeweler should stand behind the quality of their products – jewelry, watches, custom design, and repairs. You should be impressed with the quality of their jewelry and watches. There should be some great options in style and design. For custom work, your jeweler should have a portfolio of completed work. You need to see examples of the range of designs that have been created.  


Jewelry Experts

All employees need to be knowledgeable jewelry specialists. They should respect your questions and provide thorough and clear answers. Jewelry professionals will offer helpful information and impartial guidance regarding your purchase. They will be current on the latest jewelry trends, as well as knowledgeable about classic designs. The more your jewelry professionals know, the better they can serve you.

The Right Decision

When you shop for the jeweler that is right for you, someone you can trust, these guidelines can help you make the best decision. Do not compromise. You deserve the best!

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