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Just like every complete clothing wardrobe needs a little black dress, there are essentials that are should be included to achieve a complete jewelry wardrobe. Because fine jewelry is meant to last a lifetime, the financial investment in real gold and gemstone jewelry will pay off for years and years. Knowing the basic pieces to include will help you invest wisely in your jewelry and result in a jewelry wardrobe that will be stylish for years to come.


Tennis Bracelet


The name of “tennis bracelet” is attributable to Chrissie Evert, world-ranked tennis star.  Chrissie was known for her signature style of wearing delicate lace on-court tennis dresses and elegant accessories during her competitions. During the 1987 U.S. Open Tennis Championships, Chrissie asked and received unprecedented permission to halt the tournament when her signature “eternity style” diamond bracelet fell off during the game. The Eternity Bracelet was renamed as a tennis bracelet after the event. It gained a popular status that has not diminished over time. This style of bracelet can be worn alone, stacked with multiple tennis bracelets, worn on the same wrist as one’s watch, and stacked with other bracelet styles.  It is considered one of the most versatile and flattering pieces in any jewelry wardrobe.

Bangle Bracelets

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 5.20.38 PM.png

Bangles are a great way to express your personality. You can wear a single slender, delicate bracelet or stack a collection of mixed and/matched pieces. Bangles typically are slip-on (standard size is 7.5 inches in diameter but can vary) or are hinged for easy on and off. Another bangle option is a wide, bold, cuff style bracelet.  


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Coco Chanel believed that women should wear ropes of pearls to be accessorized properly.

Cultured pearls are a classic, refined accessory for any jewelry wardrobe and can be worn for business or fun. The most traditional take on pearls is a single or double strand necklace, typically 16-18 inches in length. A more modern take on this classic necklace is a single pearl on a chain, a pearl pendant or pearls evenly spaced around a chain. Another fantastic option is long opera-length strands that can be wrapped and layered to any length you choose — around your neck or your wrist. You may also want to consider color. In addition to the traditional white, pearls come in a variety of colors.

Diamond Stud Earrings 

diamond_stud_earrings cropped.jpg

Diamond stud earrings are truly the “little black dress” of any jewelry collection. They are stunning, versatile, classic, timeless, and elegant. One size fits all, but there are clean design single diamond styles and those embellished with pavé diamonds for those wanting a bolder statement. Even smaller carat weight size natural diamond earrings will offer beautiful fire and sparkle. They can be worn with casual attire or with elegant, dressy ensembles.  

Hoop Earrings

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Hoop earrings have a very long history dating all the way back to the ancient Sumerians in 2600 B.C. Different variations of the hoop have been adopted by a range of cultures around the world, from the Hmong women of Vietnam to the Gadaba tribe of India. The wide choice of sizes makes hoop earrings an excellent way to make a personal statement of style. The gentle movement of the hoop earring makes it very feminine and attractive.

Pendant Necklaces


Fun, flirty, simple or avant-garde, you have many choices when it comes to pendants. Choose from a diamond solitaire, a colored gemstone drop, a pearl drop, or from necklace charms that can include a wide variety of special symbols. Delicate and subtle, your basic pendant will be an everyday piece that looks great with whatever you’re wearing, from a business suit to denim. Although pretty by themselves, pendants look great layered, too. Just vary the chain lengths and types.

Bold Statement Ring

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Otherwise known as a cocktail ring, these bold, oversized gemstone rings have been gracing stylish hands since the 1920s. For this style ring, the main focus is typically the feature of one large central gem. You can get a big, colorful look without a huge cost by choosing from a broad range of gems and precious metal options.

Classic Luxury Watch


Since the advent of cell phones, watches are no longer primarily relied upon for time keeping. Now watches have become a status symbol and a must-have fashion piece.  Although there are many costume jewelry watches on the market, a fine jewelry wardrobe should include a luxury timepiece crafted to last a lifetime. Luxury watches are designed with timeless style and appeal. An affordable way to own a quality timepiece is by purchasing a pre-owned model. Pre-owned luxury watches make it possible to own an exceptional timepiece that is easy on the budget.

Gold “Every Day” Ring

Gold_diamond_multiband_ring copy.jpg

The well dressed jewelry lover will always be wearing a ring, and the favorite ring material is gold. There are so many styles to choose from whether classic and traditional or bold and contemporary. Find a ring that you truly love and make it part of your daily jewelry experience.

Building Your Jewelry Wardrobe

Once you have the basics for your jewelry wardrobe, there are infinite options that can be added to enhance your jewelry collection. A jewelry wardrobe is an investment. Unlike fashion jewelry, fine jewelry is crafted to last for many years. Fine jewelry is also easily recognizable as “the real thing.” The precious metals and gems used in fine jewelry offer quality and style that can’t be matched by fashion jewelry. Pick pieces you truly love. Have fun finding the perfect pieces on your jewelry wardrobe essentials checklist!









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