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Repurpose Your Old Jewelry

People everywhere are embracing the idea of cleaning out the things in their lives that they don’t use or which don’t bring them “joy.”  Our jewelry should be no exception.  Our jewelry boxes are often mini graveyards for items we never wear. We may have an emotional attachment to certain pieces, but the styles just don’t work for us. Sometimes our pieces are simply outdated. The ring that you adored in college can look immature at forty.

Many of us have pieces with sentimental value that were received as gifts or inherited, but they have never suited our personal style. Aunt Mabel’s brooch may be very meaningful, but what if we don’t wear pins? Perhaps we have items that are small in scale because that was all we could afford at the time. What about a diamond left over from a break up or a divorce? Whatever the reason, instead of just storing jewelry that you never use, repurpose it! The right jewelry designer can take your old, uninteresting pieces and make new and exciting jewels!

There are many options for revamping your jewelry.  By combining the components of several items, you can have a fabulous statement piece!  Remount a beautiful gemstone in a new setting, and you will have a terrific addition to your jewelry wardrobe. A solo gem mounted in a skinny band can be reset in a wider band, along with gemstones from other pieces, to make a bold, contemporary design. Grandmother’s earrings can be remade into pendants to be given to her granddaughters. Grandfather’s cufflinks can become a sweet pair of drop earrings. A pin can be repurposed into a beautiful clasp for pearls. An orphaned earring can be made into a delicate ring. A ring can become a pendant, or a pendant can become a ring! Precious metals can be given interesting new finishes with brushed, matte, hammered, or high polished textures. You can use gemstones from several pieces to make unique drop earrings. The possibilities are endless! A creative designer can take your old, unloved jewelry and create stunning new designs.   

Open your jewelry box and take out all your pieces. Go through them, one by one. The pieces you love go right back in your jewelry box. Take out those rings that are too small, the bracelets that are too tight, and the earrings that are too heavy.  Put aside the pieces that simply don’t express your personal style. Get inspired by looking at interesting jewelry online.  Take pictures of the items you like. Make an appointment with a jeweler with an exceptional reputation for jewelry design. Bring along the photos of the items you found online that you like. Now the fun begins!

Turn your jewelry box into a real treasure chest! With the help of a great designer, you can repurpose your old, unloved jewelry into fabulous new jewelry designs.



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